Freedom of Press Index 2013

(c) Reporters Without Borders

(c) Reporters Without Borders

Finland, the Netherlands and Norway hold the lead of countries that most respect media freedom. Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea occupy the last three positions on the list published today by the NGO Reporters Without Borders.

“In dictatorships, news providers and their families are exposed to ruthless reprisals, while in democracies news providers have to cope with the media’s economic crises and conflicts of interest. While their situation is not always comparable, we should pay tribute to all those who resist pressure whether it is aggressively focused or diffuse”, says Christophe Deloire, secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders.

Broken down by territories the report indicates that Europe and the Americas are the world regions which most respect freedom of press. In the Soviet republics, North Africa and the Middle East harassment and imprisonment of journalists happens on a daily basis and the states of these regions have a hard grip on the media. According to the report, the “Arab springs” had non or very little influence on the freedom of press in Egypt and Tunisia.

Malawi and Côte d’Ivoire climbed several positions up the ladder, while Mali registered the biggest fall in the index due to the conflict in the country.

View the detailed list here.

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