Bolivia – Women’s Rights are not respected

Still scene from Daniela Wayllace's animated film "Memento Mori".

Bolivia is not a good country for women to live in. A United Nations Human Development Report on Gender says: “Bolivia treats men better than women”. According to UNICEF, in this country “women are assigned a subordinate, traditional and dependent Continue reading

Let’s dance!

One Billion Rising campaign - dancing in San Francisco ( (c) Steve Rhodes)

Today the non-profit women’s rights organization called V-Day turns 15 years old. This movement, founded by the 60-year old American playwright, feminist and actress Eve Ensler, aims at raising awareness on violence against women. Its projects are funded through benefit Continue reading

“Solve your “family conflict” at home…” – Domestic Violence in Hungary

Carrying a silent witness

What is more dangerous for a woman than breast cancer of traffic accidents? Unfortunately it often is her own partner. Depending on the region, 20 to 59 percent of the world’s female population is exposed to domestic violence, according to Continue reading