Lost generation – growing old in a globalized world

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This article is also available in Spanish >>> In the city where I live there are people from 190 different nations. Here migration is felt, lived and discussed. I live in Berlin, where almost every second inhabitant comes from abroad Continue reading

Bolivia – Women’s Rights are not respected

Still scene from Daniela Wayllace's animated film "Memento Mori".

Bolivia is not a good country for women to live in. A United Nations Human Development Report on Gender says: “Bolivia treats men better than women”. According to UNICEF, in this country “women are assigned a subordinate, traditional and dependent Continue reading

Save the Wall! – East Side Gallery endangered

Protesters at the East Side Gallery on March 17th 2013

The East Side Gallery is one of the few and longest lasting original sections of the Berlin Wall. It is also considered to be the largest open-air art gallery in the world, and used to be 1300 meters long, but it Continue reading

“Sehnsucht” – freedom of movement in pictures

SEHNSUCHT (c) Nicolas Balcazar

“When I moved from Peru to Germany in 2004, I bought a small digital camera and wanted to capture my journey. I starting taking more and more pictures and I soon realized that I focus on details not everyone does”, Continue reading